Quality Assurance

Innovative Solutions’ quality control (QA) solution is:

  1. based on CMMI Level 5 (the industry best practice in systems and software engineering);
  2. mandatory, as our standards must always be adhered to, and ensured by our corporate QA Analyst; and
  3. tool based - using our process asset library, best practice library, and measurement repositories.

The major steps in our QA Solution process are shown in the following graphic. Every Task Order (TO) develops a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). Each QAP is tailored for the specific needs and constraints of each TO. Some of the aspects covered in the plan are the major activities, deliverables, schedule, and stakeholders included in the QA reporting chain. The products and processes that will be reviewed are also identified in the QAP. A QA analyst or subject matter expert (SME) conducts these reviews and logs all issues found. The QA analyst is responsible for communicating all issues and handling all corrective actions under the guidance and supervision of the EAGLE II PM or TOM